The Next Day!!

Four weeks ago I made one phone call - it changed 49 lives. That was the point of making the phone call. From one vision team meeting we went from, "How are we going to fit them all in here." to "Who do we know that has a tent?" From one ministry team meeting we went from "How are we going to do this?" to "This is how it's going to get done!" Each Sunday the vision was cast again and again. It was, "Invite anyone who wants to attend, but bring people who need to hear the Gospel and experience Jesus!" The people who came forward yesterday were all here because someone from FFWC invited them! Most of them don't have a church home! If you invited someone who came forward to receive Jesus yesterday, please talk to them TODAY!! This is important! Many thanks to On A Hill Far Away Ministries who brought the tent. Abundant Life Ministries who let us borrow their platform. Highpoint Community Church who let us borrow their 22 passenger bus and some sound equipment. To all the business owners around us who let us use their parking lots. This church came together as a team, and this team did GREAT!!! But the best and greatest thanks goes to Jesus! He kept His promises and we were blessed! What a great, great day!


Anonymous said…
It was funny. Everytime I prayed for you guys I never felt led to pray for souls. I knew they were gonna come. What I have been praying is Lord, speak to everyone who goes to ffwc and give them a heart to disciple the people who get saved on sunday. That is what I'll continue to pray. I'm really glad it went so well.