Loose Tooth

Last night a dinner Anneka was having a little trouble eating her chicken nuggets. Afterwards her mother asked her why? She opened her mouth and showed us a front tooth that is just hanging in there. Well, we had to tell everyone about her first loose tooth. Phone calls were made, emails were sent, facebook was lit up!

What was my first thought when she showed me her tooth? That an adult tooth will be coming in to replace it. Hold it, adult? She's 5 years old? I tell her all the time to quit growing up, but she insists on doing it anyway. There are times that I hold her close and tight, hugging her as long as she will let me - desperately trying to remember that moment for the rest of my life. I know that I'm another dad who is just hopelessly crazy about his daughter. But her loosing a tooth, well that just depressed me. I am realistic, and know that I can't stop it. Excuse me please, ...... "ANNEKA! WHERE ARE YOU! DADDY WANTS A HUG!!!"


Russ Jones said…
UPDATE: We all went to see Madagascar 2. In the middle of the movie Anneka sits up and says, "My tooth fell out!" Again with the phone calls and emails. She is so proud!
Deana said…
how privledged i am to be the recpient of that phone call. i feel like an aunt.