Keeping Your Composure

Well the election is over and for many of you (if my online poll is any indication) are disappointed with the results. I expect there to be a lot of "in your face" comments for the next few days from some Obama supporters. I admonish you to take the Christian attitude that Jesus taught us to have. Turn the other cheek. Or in other words, take what was intended for pain and convert it into a blessing.

How do you do that?

When others mistreat you, pray for them. This removes the carnal urge to slap some sense into them (while keeping you out of jail). FYI - I talked with a store manager the other day who recently had to call the police to deal with some people fighting in their store. Guess what they were fighting about!

When grace overwhelms what was intended to do harm. It converts it into a blessing and witnesses the love and grace of Jesus into another persons life. Praying for our future president and congress is going to have to be a priority of every Christian from here on out. But what's next? President elect Obama is right. Change is coming.