For Our Veterans and Servicemen and Women

In recent days our nation elected new officials and leadership to the highest offices of this land. Both at a national, state and local level we, American citizens turned out to vote in record numbers. Republicans, Democrats, independents alike all had their time and opportunity to make their case and be heard.

We as Christians are not only sworn to uphold the laws of this land we are also sworn to uphold the laws and commands of our Savior Jesus. His Word has transcended time, politics, governments and wars. While nations rise and fall, king and presidents come and go - Jesus is still here and His Word is still true.

Today on this Veterans Day we honor those who have sacrificed personally for the Christian values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Who regardless of anothers political views they have offered their lives, if necessary, to protect us and our children from those who would dare to oppress, destroy and dictate our way of life.

Whether it was the tyrannical king of England from the 1700’s. The internal strife of ideologies that brought the Civil War. The resolve of a mad man from Germany who would shock a world with the depths of his depravity. The philosophies of an oppressive dictator who made nations submit to him by force or the terrorism of Islamic radicals declaring Jihad. Men and women of this nation have answered the call with their life and their blood to defend this country.

Our new president campaigned on the slogan that we are going to change things. The fact of the matter is, change has and is always going to happen. Whether conservative or liberal, Republican or Democrat, our armed forces have served faithfully for over 200 years of change. Today we remember their sacrifice, especially of those who cannot be here with us because they paid with their life and blood. Today we remember those who are serving as we enjoy the liberty to assemble, pray and worship God.

Wars and conflicts are recorded all through the Bible. God understands that in as much as mercy and diplomacy produce fruits of righteousness, so does discipline and defense. God understands that hell will do all that it can to extinguish the truth, hope and life that Jesus brings to every person of this world. That as Israel has had to defend herself from the marauders of her land, life and faith for over 4,000 years - our Christian values which are the foundation of democracy will be tested and tried again and again.

I have lived to see the Vietnam War, the hostages of Iran, 1991 war in Iraq, Bosnia and Kosovo conflicts and the current war in Afghanistan and Iraq. And I am here to tell you that I have never been prouder of our men and women of uniform than I am now. That in the face of cowards and critics their resolve hasn’t been diminished nor tarnished because good men and women at home do remember and honor their service and sacrifice.

We live in a country where we can and will continue to be proud of our servicemen and women who at home and abroad stand up for us everyday and help us continue to proclaim, believe in and establish once and for all. This is and will continue to be “One Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”