Big Tents

When vision becomes reality - people stand in awe! Well someone said it I'm sure. But the big tent went up last night. First of all THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone who made this possible! It did have a lot of fun, even though I feel like a train just hit me. When we were done people just stood around underneath it and envisioned what was going to happen this Sunday! (Wait a minute I have a phone call, be right back). That was Mike Escoe, one of our Pen Fla. Missionaries. He was asking what we were doing this weekend! He wants you to know that they are praying for you, that he believes this will be a tremendous turning point for this church. That great things are going to happen here on Sunday! WOW!! Vision is contagious isn't it?

Today the tent gets inspected. Tomorrow the chairs and tables show up. We set up as much as we can. Then Sunday will be here! Have a few last minute invitations to make? Is there someone who you now should be here Sunday? Make the calls! Do what you can! One phone call can lead to one person accepting the one Savior of their soul - Jesus! When we all get to heaven I'm sure they will say - Thank You!


Anonymous said…
Great to see that our dear friend, Randy Shurr, is still doing great and mighty things for Jesus as he helps set up the tent just as he set up the "movie" screen all those years ago for his church when he and his family lived here in Westminster, MD. The McFalls' are praying for your church and for the SOULS that will be saved this weekend! To God be the GLORY!