6 Days To Reinhard Bonnke

I'm up at 6:30 a.m. (which some of you know is a miracle). It's 49 degrees outside (BRRRR!) and am wondering what God is up to. Reading Mark Battersons new book "Wild Goose Chase" he talks about how Jesus can open and close doors. It comes from the book of Revelation where Jesus speaks to the city of Philadelphia. I have tried to beat doors down that I wanted to go through, but to no avail. Then God has opened some doors that when I have looked through them caused me to wonder what I did to deserve this kind of punishment. Well what I have learned about this (so far) is:
- If God keeps the door shut, thank Him. Later you will probably discover why.
- If you don't like what you see, that means that God will be God through whatever it is. But don't walk out the door without Him at your side.
- If the door doesn't open, don't cheat and try to make your own door. It just doesn't work.
- Don't try closing a door that God has opened. Regardless of what you think, God does everything with your best intentions in mind - all the time.

To bottom line it, God has to do some miracles this week. This is a God sized dream that only God can do. I also know that we are about to discover what we are made of. Have you ever noticed that your true nature always emerges under pressure? Well the same is true for churches. We are going to find out what we are really made of. In heart, soul and spirit. I don't believe for a moment that God, who is the only one who can put this together, did this so we would fail. Oh yes, failure is an option - just not one I'm fond of.

So what are we praying for? Well here's the short list.
- Souls to be saved. This is the point after all.
- People to attend. We are inviting everyone we can find. But the average American doesn't know who Reinhard Bonnke is.
- Finances to supply the need. We are getting all the financial breaks we can, but we are going to need some more cash.
- A newly discovered hive of bees to be relocated.
- Laborers with a great attitude that will help.