What a week!

Highs and lows all along the way. I've been to Atlanta for a Leadership Forum with the Assemblies of God (more to come on that), I saw Kenny Rogers at the Atlanta airport. I got to ride with a pastor whom I deeply respect and honor for two days. We have been working on the Rummage/Christmas Sale for days now. (much, much more to do). But . . .

When you hear that word, "but" you brace yourself don't you. But, it looks like Barbara is going to lose her job today. (Still awaiting confirmation of this) Then I just took a phone call from single mom, pregnant, homeless and about to have an abortion. We don't have the resources to meet the need. Not that I'm not working on it - and a plan is in place that just might work. But it breaks my heart when the church cannot operate as it should. In this case it my cost us a life. Unthinkable I know - but true.

While I could rant here with a great deal of passion the fact of the matter is this. If we are not givers, then what right do we have to receive anything? Not that we deserve anything from God, we don't. It's by grace we are saved, through faith, not of works - remember? God deserves the first and best of what we have. No negotiation here. First and Best! God said He would provide if we would obey. Our time, our tithe, our testimony, our temple, our talents - the first and best. I wonder what would happen to this church if we practiced this in our worship, our giving, our volunteerism, our compassion, our love. Things that make you go Hmmmmm!