Teamwork and Christians

It is sometimes difficult for Christians in todays society to be team players. Not that all Christians are twisted control freaks. But we were raised to be individuals. As the Word of God teaches, we are together in this life as we will be in heaven. There are no Lone Ranger Christians. Many Christians have been hurt by unhealthy churches and Christians who did serious damage. Teamwork was a burden and is a painful memory. So while they was to see the church move forward, they struggle with whom they want to do it with. Yet teamwork is the key to a churches success and our personal success in serving God. God never intended for us to go it alone. Yet I find more and more Christians and churches doing just that.

Romans 12:4-8 is about teamwork. When you read it all it tells you is, work together as a team.

#1 - Observe that you are not everything to everyone. A key to being part of a team is humility.
#2 - Acknowledge that you need help from others in order to reach God's goal in your life.
#3 - Embrace the gifts given and received from the church through the grace of God.
- Let those who declare God's truth enrich your life. And if that is you, enrich the lives of others.
- Let those who help other reach their God given goals help you reach your God given goals. And if that is you . . .
- Let those who teach the Word of God to teach you it's truths. If that is you, teach Christian teach!
- Let those who encourage others with His truth encourage you. In doing so they will drive away the bats of discouragement and depression. If you can encourage, be a blessing!!! We need you!
- Let those who give do so in such a way as to make a difference for the Kingdom of God. Be a giver and invest in someones life somewhere all the time.
- Let those who lead, lead the team to the place where God wants them to go. If you are a leader then who is with you on this journey?
- Let those who can show mercy do so with a glad heart. Not with a heart of condemnation or discouragement.