Some days just . . . .

I am tired and feel as if I have been run through a knot hole backwards. I praise God that Donna Shurr is home and doing well. Most of you know that I don't like hospital. Yes, they are a necessary evil (no insult intended to those who work in the medical field.) I just don't like needles, pain, procedures, those stupid gowns, medications with side effects, tests, barium, ekgs', mris' cat scans ( I never did see the cat) and grumpy medical professionals.

I am tired because life is getting tougher on us. Those of us who lead by faith are being challenged more and more everyday. God is our source and He is our strength. Either that is the truth or we are toast. I wished ... but wishing isn't going to make a difference. Faith is. And faith takes action. Pray, rest, trust, believe, act and react when necessary. Know that God is in the midst of it all, but also remember that have to stay out of His way. We cannot do His job for Him. Being tired isn't losing faith, it's just a reason to let God give you more of it.