Oregon Encounter

A week ago this past Saturday, (I know I'm late on this) my cousins Angie and Cindy paid us a visit from Oregon. I haven't seen either one of them for over 20 years. Really, that long? Cindy was here for a business conference and as far as I can figure out Angie was here to be her personal assistant. Hey, that' not a bad gig. They were staying on Miami Beach and wanted to see us. So Betty, Anneka, Mom and I all piled in her jeep and down to Miami we went. I really did forget how much I hate driving in Miami. But I soon remembered how to and we finally made it.

When we finally got to the hotel where they were staying (don't ever ask me about that) we decided to go to the Dolphin Mall. (Nice!) Just so happen they had rented a jeep too! Which the valet promptly crashed. That's right people. For 36 dollars a day you can pay someone to tear your car up for you! Well it was just a bent side mirror, dented door and a scraped front bumper. Hats off to Cindy who rented the jeep, she kept her cool and dealt with it well.

If your not from or have not lived in Florida a while you don't know that turn signals are considered optional equipment. It's just that way people, I don't make the rules, just report them. So when we found the Dolphin Mall (FYI - when in Miami don't use a cheap map for directions) Cindy promptly instructed me on the finer points of using a turn signal. Hey, I thought I got off easy after doing a couple of u-turns.

Once in the mall we decided to get something to eat. Everyone went into the food court and got what they wanted. Anneka got Burger King, I got a cuban sandwich and Betty got sushi. I'm not sure how they felt about the fish bait, I mean sushi - but Betty sure did enjoy it.

Then we walked around the whole mall! Cindy - all I've got to tell is girl you need to open a luggage/shoe store. You WILL enjoy going to work everyday! Angie walked up to me and told me she needed to find an alligator. I was relived to find out she needed an alligator charm for her charm bracelet. I had visions of us outside trolling the canals looking for gators. Can we say, tourist? We didn't find one and I hope she did because we did look everywhere for one.

It wasn't long before the girls noticed that they were overdressed for the mall. It's Miami people! The fashions there have a heavy latin influence. What most people go clubbing in is what you go to shopping in down here. Now I'm going to let this go because I haven't heard from them since. I know that there were going to go for a walk on the beach where they were staying and that they were going to spend a couple of days in Key West! I have a feeling . . .

So with all of that said, I hope that their trip to Florida was wonderful for them and that they would want to come back someday. Here are some pics of them with us!


Cindy said…
We're home and well! Thanks for the great write up! Yeah; luggage & shoes...an awesome combination! Best when being used to FLY AWAY TO A VACATION DESTINATION and WALK AROUND IT! Thanks again for meeting us and for your patience during the whole "valet" issue. I hope I demonstrated Christ-like love during it all! So enjoyed meeting Anneka and seeing Betty again; after 20 years we've ALL changed! And hey - you can HAVE Miami Beach, but Key West was a kick. We rented scooters and ate great seafood - got in a little shopping too, but didn't buy luggage or shoes! What's up with that! So yeah; we might return some day to the sunshine state but really Rusell...it's YOUR turn to travel this direction. Lots of family here who would love to see you and the fam you know! We're NOT getting any younger (hint, hint) LOL - the young cousin!