Jesus or God? Romans 10: 1- 4 Pt. 2

I am still reeling from Romans 10. But before I being, let's keep one thing straight. Don't assume that I am not saying that God isn't God. What I am saying is that there are people who believe in God, but they don't know Jesus. So who is at the center of your life? Jesus or God? If you said God - that's a good answer. But can you qualify that please? We believe in the Trinity. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. So when you say that you believe in God do you accept Jesus, the Son of God, as the Savior and Leader of your life? Do you accept the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit into your life too? I think that there are to many Christian who are all for God being in their life! They accept Jesus - most of time with terms and limitations. Then they accept the power of the Holy Spirit, but refuse the guidance of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

Paul points out something about the Israelites that is still happening today. People pick and choose what they like from God's Word and Will - then proceed to build their whole religion on it. This is how some denominations came into existence (notice I said some) Yet these same people rant against denominations while practicing the same thing they are ranting against.

Paul points out in verse 4 when the transition has to take place. It's when Christ is accepted as the Son of God - ON HIS TERMS! In 1 Cor. 11 Paul says that Christ told His disciples at the last supper, while handing them a cup of wine, that "This cup is the new covenant in my blood;..." Covenant, Testament, Contract - they are the same word. Jesus said, "I'm writing a new contract with you, IN MY BLOOD." So when we "renegotiate" our contract with Him, what do we write it in?