Getting back in the swing.

Wow, life is happening at a blinding pace! That can be a good thing if your are going in the right direction. That's really is the difference between living life on it's terms and living life on God's terms. Life happens and it isn't fair as a general rule is it? But when life happens on God's turf, it has to submit to His rule and reign. I like that. It doesn't mean that life is perfect or comfortable. It means that it is hopeful and purposeful. I am amazed at the world we live in today that is looking so desperately for a Savior. Our presidential elections are a great example. There are people who are voting for candidates who are promising a more peaceful, prosperous life that is going to be fair and right. Not only can they not do that, they are lying.

Why don't we introduce people to the real Savior? Let's get back in the swing of things and do what we were created to do in the first place. Worship God, love one another and tell the world about Jesus.