20 20 20

The leaders of 20 20 20 met with me last night to experience one of these small group fellowships. I suppose that because it is so simple, it seems complicated. But really the name says it all. 20 minutes of reading the Bible (that went fast!). 20 minutes of journaling (again that went by in a flash) and 20 minutes telling others something that you learned from the Scriptures you read.

We saw how the Holy Spirit directed everything from start to finish. We learned from each other as well as from God. We could see that without even known or assigning what we were going to read the Holy Spirit had a theme for us to experience. It was very moving and profitable to all.

I would suggest that you contact anyone of our 20/20/20 leaders and tell them you would like to be in one of their next fellowships.

Randy and Donna Shurr / Cynthia Uhl - Palm City.
Tom and Barbara Rogers - Jensen Beach
Mike and Pat Scanlon / Tim and Taneal Jarrett - Pt. St. Lucie