What's the point! Rom. 9

Ever been part of a discussion or an argument that lost it's way? "What were we arguing about again?" The same is true with life. We forget what the point is! Why do we get up in the morning? Why do we go to work? Why do we have dinner with our friends? It's Jesus - that's why! He's the point. But most of us forget about Him during the day and week. Sunday tends to refocus our attention and maybe we are faithful to pray over our food. Everything we do can and will return to our original mandate. Jesus! How we work, why we love others, our hobbies and habits are all shaped by our relationship with Him.

I was reading in Romans 9:19-21 how Paul deals with the problem that some had with God. "Well who does He think He is?" "He didn't ask my opinion about this!" Yes, I have heard people say this before and they we not joking! God answers you, God doesn't answer to you. His nature and character determine who He is everyday and He never changes. For some people, the point of their life is to be in control (their own God) and share their life with their Creator. For others, the point is to give control of their life to their Creator - to let Him share His life with them. Which one are you?