What were you doing today in 2001?

There are a lot of things about today that I remember from 2001. A few of the things I remember saying was this. "Life as we know it has changed forever." I'm not saying I told you so and for most of us that statement wasn't a big reach - it's just that none of us knew how much or how far we would have to go. I also remember saying, "We don't understand why because we don't have the dark minds that could create such a nightmare." Now with time, we do understand. What we know shocks and appalls us. So what am I saying today 7 years later? 9/11/01 should have been a wake up call to us Christians. We are living in the last days as prophesied in the Bible. I believe that not only should we not forget this day, or the memory of those who died. I believe that greatest tribute we can offer is a message of hope found in Jesus. Politics, diplomacy and our armed forces will do what they should do. But the Church should also be found doing what it should do too.


Betty said…
I vividly remember that day as if it just happened a few weeks ago. I had just finished getting ready for work & was watching Good Morning America when they interrupted the news cast to say a plane had just crashed into one of the twin towers in New York. Russ looked at me shocked & said that was NO accident. While the reporter was talking, the second plane struck directly behind him. Russ said the world as we know it, just changed. I stayed home all day watching the news. Russ went to work & called everyone in the church.

My cousin Dan lived 4 miles from Ground Zero & was on the subway on his way to work. It was many many hours before he was able to call us & let us know he was alive.