Hurricane Mode

We are officially in hurricane mode. What does that mean? Well a lot more than you probably think. This is where you should be putting the finishing touches on your hurricane plan. If you haven't, work faster! But don't relax because the forecast track is south of us. As a teenager I was a marksman with just about anything you could shoot. The difference between a bulls eye is only a fraction of an inch. A fraction of an inch, in hurricane standards, could bring Ike right in our front door. So what do you do?

#1 - Remember that God is God. For all the preparation - He is the one who you have to trust.
#2 - Think this through. What you need to do and how you need to do it. If you want to go away for a few days, that's fine! Believe me, no on ever saved their house by staying in it during a hurricane.
#3 - Get important papers and numbers together now. After a hurricane your life is reduced down to those numbers. Without them your in trouble.
#4 - For those of you who have medical needs, make sure you have a plan and plenty of medication. You can't run to Walgreens during a hurricane.
#5 - Prayer always works, but God is sovereign. There is no sin praying this thing away from us. (If there is, I'm the biggest sinner). But if it does come here God has every intention to get us through it.