Hurricane Fatigue

There is a condition called hurricane fatigue which effects many of us during this time of the year. When you have so many storms around us and/or coming at us as serious threats your psyche may start to take some serious hits. Think of it like this. Stress on steroids. There is no good outcome from a hurricanes direct hit. Even a minimal hurricane can cause a lot of undo stress. But what do you do when your watching storms G, H, I and J - then the forecasters tell you that K and L are on their way? You burnout - that's what you do. It isn't that you don't care what happens, it just that you can't take the pain of information anymore. If you get into the cone of error one more time your probably going to put a scoop of ice cream on it. So how do you avoid hurricane fatigue?
#1 - Have a plan and make sure it is a good one.
#2 - Limit you input of information to 1 - 3 sources who are reasonably accurate. Forecasting weather is an art, not a science.
#3 - Get help from those who are more experienced than you at these things. If there is one thing a hurricane will do, it will bring your neighborhood together.
#4 - Never think about more than 2 storms at a time. If there are more out there, then so be it. But if isn't about to make landfall somewhere soon, ignore it.
#5 - Cat. 1 and weak 2 hurricanes you can usually stick around for. But anything stronger and you probably should seek shelter or get out of town. FYI - Go a hundred miles or so away - not thousands!
#6 - Pray and trust God. While we all would love for every storm to miss us (and everyone else for that matter). It just doesn't happen. God is a name that is bigger than (insert current storms name here.)

Got any more suggestions that might help?