Game On!

Got your game face on? Meeting life head on is a challenge for everyone of us. What is great about it is that we don't have do it alone. Jesus is right here with us - with His game face on! Meeting challenges and changes requires is an art more than anything else. Sure we have skills and education to help us. But understanding the finer points of living is something that we experience. The question is, what do we experience them with? Do we do so with hope and joy or regrets and despair? The Word of God, the Bible is about the art of living. We see how people acted and the results of their actions. But what was the difference between people who acted out of greed or pride and those who acted in faith and selflessness? So what can you do to meet life head on?

#1 - Meet life with purpose. If you don't know what God wants you to do with your life, then you will spend most of your time reacting to what happens rather than being proactive and doing something with your life.

#2 - Stay within the boundaries. Know what the Bible says is right and wrong and don't ever, never ever cross those boundaries. Some think that if you do this it will get you into heaven. No it won't. But it will keep a lot (I mean a LOT) of trouble out of your life. That makes this worth it.

#3 - Don't be afraid to take risks. If God is leading you then follow. Risky sometimes will make you look foolish or goofy. But God is never concerned with our appearances, He is concerned about our content. Now before you go writing nasty emails to me follow along. What is God more concerned with? What clothes you wear or the condition of your heart? Easy, your heart. Jesus never rebuked the disciples for their style, He rebuked them for their lack of faith. Don't allow you to excuse yourself from taking a risk because it's the "responsible" thing to do. God knows what He needs of you and He knows what you need from Him. He will never fail.

#4 - Pray, it keeps you humble. The disillusionment of our country, our culture and our economy in the last few months has caused a surge of sarcasm and hopelessness in peoples hearts. Now is the time to put your game face on and declare that you're not giving up hope, but in face your finding more of it now than ever before. If you really want to reach your world for Jesus, now is the time because people are DESPERATELY seeking what your have.