Hurricane Fatigue
Voters Fatigue
Economic Fatigue
News Fatigue
Gas Price Fatigue

I have been observing peoples behaviors concerning different subjects that have been the highlight (or low point depending on their point of view) of their life. If you want to try this just ask someone the question, "So, what do you think about (insert subject here)?" Then listen! Watch their facial features. Look at their shoulders - do they perk up or slouch? What do their eyes tell you! Even if someone gets all fired up! Does it drain them? People get fatigued when they get pounded over and over by something that they think that they have no control over. So what do you do?

Turn control over to someone who can do something about it. Sorry, none of the presidential candidates qualify to help here. The only one that can do anything about anything is Jesus.

Don't stress over something that you have no control over. Yes, you can vote, you can run from a hurricane, you can conserve gas - but that is being reactive to a problem. We were designed to be proactive about our problems. We want to do something about it. So what can you do? Pray!

Don't wake up tired! How do you do that? Don't go to sleep stressing! You might close you eyes but you don't relax. Let it go!

Quit reading bad news. Listen, I keep up with current events, but I don't listen to the "junk" that so many news agencies like to perform with. Read the Bible. The news in there is a lot better than CNN.