The Bible Relevant

Paul now wants his reader to know why the preceding verses were important for them to consider. What does predestination and election have to do with suffering and everyday life? This is a question that many theologians miss when interpreting the Bible - relevancy. They want to argue the finer points of Calvinism vs. Arminianism. (Look it up if you don't know.) But how do you apply this Word of God to everyday life in a relevant way? Most people don't know how to do that. It is a shame too, because that is what the Word of God is for.

For years I have taught Sunday School teachers and educators on how to teach and grow disciples through their ministry. I always ask one question or which I always get the wrong answer. The question is, "What is the purpose or reason for Sunday School (Christian Education)?" and the answer comes in different forms but always say the same thing. "To teach the Bible to our students." Good answer! Just the wrong one. The number one reason why we teach is to win souls! Evangelism. I am appalled at teachers response to this revelation. They usually laugh it off with a, "Oh yea, that too!" Then I ask them how they teach the Bible to their student and they respond with blank stares. The right answer is, "In relevant ways, so that it applies to their life in ways they can understand."

The Word of God should win souls and change lives. Yet if we teach the Word week after week, and the class doesn't grow, if the students are bored and their lives are not changing, it's safe to say the problem lies with the teacher. To many times we try to blame the curriculum, the students or some other reason for our lack of progress. Remember the Word of God does not return empty handed - it's only when we apply with irrelevance and a faith that doesn't expect anything in return that we fail.