The bailout vote failed

Well if you don't know what the headlines for tonight's news is, it's - "Congress failed to pass bail out bill - what's next?" More importantly, what happened? The system worked, that's what happened. We are 5 weeks out from elections and the politicians are having to do something that no one wants to take responsibility for. If they go back to their constituency and tell them what they just did - they will probably get voted out of office. Why? Because this bill says what we all thought but the spin doctors have been telling us for years isn't true. Big business is more important than people. The average American voter isn't going to put up with it. Not for one minute. No, no one wants to see people suffer - but the way it works down here at ground level is simple, "Stupid is as stupid does." And somebody needs to fire stupid. When the American people start seeing the people who are responsible for this mess get fired, arrested, investigated and duly punished for their greed - then I think our representatives in Congress will be able to look at us in the eye again and tell us they are doing the right thing - really.