I haven't said much about our 20/20/20 small groups on my blog over the last few weeks. That I realize now was a major mistake on my part not to. Sorry about that. One of the basic rules of blogging is, "If you believe in it - blog it." and I do believe in the 20/20/20 concept of Bible Study.

Just so that we are clear.

20/20/20 stands for:
- 20 minutes reading the Bible. (Not out loud to each other - but each person reading their own Bible)
- 20 minutes journaling. Each person writing down what they learned from the Bible.
- 20 minutes sharing with others what you learned.
That's it! - I know it sounds too simple doesn't it? No curriculum. No assigned reading. No safety net. Sounds exciting!!

FAQ's - We will all be reading the same scripture - right? No, not necessarily. Some people respond well to a daily Bible reading program. If the group wants to do that, they can. I recommend that you use one if you're having trouble disciplining yourself in daily Bible study. But everyone isn't cut out for that kind of regiment. Allowing people to read and study different passages allows the group to enjoy the diversity of each persons relevant experience with God. Some people will need to be in John while others need to be in Ephesians.

Well, someone will be teaching - right? No, again not necessarily. Facilitators will help keep the group focused and moving along. While I do expect the more mature Christians to help those growing in their faith, I don't want one or two people to do all the talking. This is about reading God's Word and sharing what the Holy Spirit tells us.

Well then what is this? It would be easier to say what this isn't. 20/20/20 isn't your average everyday home cell group that comes with a DVD, study guide and curriculum. These styles of home groups have had some success, but on the whole - they don't fit our culture or lifestyle well. It sounds risky, but it isn't. If you are looking for a safety net - it's the Holy Spirit. 20/20/20 is about letting Pentecost into our homes and into our everyday lives. We will gather together and let God be God. We will pray for people, welcome new people into our group and care for one another as they did in Acts 2.

We will meet every week? That's up to the group. The rule is, no more than once a week but no less than once a month.

The concept is simple, the potential is outstanding! Meet one of our hosts or hostess this Sunday and ask them about it and if your feel like letting the Holy Spirit loose in your life - then sign up and attend!