Wild Goose Chase - Mark Batterson

As with any book, you wait and read with the hope that it is as least as good as their last one. Mark will not disappoint you in the least. Wild Goose Chase answers some questions for me like, "Why are Christians who claim to be Spirit filled and empowered so weak and useless?" Because they don't follow the goose! Life isn't boring for Mark - if you don't believe me follow him on Twitter for a while. At some point your going to say to yourself - "I wish I was where he is right now."

If you are struggling in your own walk with Christ, if your trying to get to the next level in your relationship with Him. Then Wild Goose Chase is a must read for you. The cages he describes are real and must be avoided at all costs. His illustrations, again, are awesome. Your going to love Wild Goose Chase and the Wild Goose is going to love you. Call you local Christian bookstore or go to www.chasethegoose.com and get your copy today.