Why do you know God?

That's a good question. Why do we want to know Him? What are the reasons that we want Him in our life? As I read Rom 4:13-14 I see where Paul points out that Abraham and his kids didn't receive the promises of God just because God said so. They received the promises because they were in a right relationship with Him (righteousness).

Abraham and his children wanted to have a relationship with God and because of it they received His promises. I have known people who came to church, prayed and did good works so that God would bless them. That if they were good then God would have to keep His promises because, "He said so!" As you can guess they were disappointed.

Do you have a relationship with God so you can reap the benefits? Or do you know Him because you want Him to be the center and focus of your life? There is a huge difference between the two. Some would say, "Well if I have the right relationship with HIm, then I will be blessed anyway." Maybe, again what are your motives? Would you still have a relationship with God even if He did nothing for you? Would you still want Him to be in your life if you knew He wasn't going bless you or help you in any way? Bottom line: Which is more important to you? God or His blessings?