+ vs -

What get's you going? I mean what really motivates you? What is it that lights you up and gets your blood pumping? When you hear, see or read about it, it gets your attention. Now is whatever, "it" is positive or negative? In other words, is what motivates your life something that excites you or depresses you. For many people much of their life is motivated by what is negative around them and/or about themselves. Stats show that we as Americans are becoming more negative about life and their future everyday. That it is showing up in our productivity and in how we relate to others. Now this isn't the, "What goes around comes around." speech because I don't believe in karma and we're not Hindus. But there is a difference between a person who chooses to be motivated by what is good, pleasing and in the perfect will of God (Rom 12:2) verses the person who chooses to be manipulated by this worlds opinions, actions and decisions. So? What gets you going?