Sin Is Stressful

I've said before, "Sin is fun.", in a worldly twisted kind of way. But sin leads to death. Death isn't something any of us are rushing to, if anything we are running away from it. There is no getting around it though. Sin - leads - to - death. Let that soak in a moment. There is nothing, I mean nothing, on earth or in heaven that is going to change that. Now isn't that stressing?

So while sin may be fun - it is going to stress you out! Let me explain. Recently I have been made aware of or noticed how other people destroy their marriages and relationships. Now follow along here and read carefully. Marriages and families are destroyed by infidelity. Relationships are destroyed by the couple committing an acts of sin together. Then they stand around and are genuinely surprised. After this happens a few times it's not wonder that they start having emotional problems connecting with others. Details are not necessary, but you get the picture. Then we wonder why people are so stressed out about their relationships? Because that which is birthed in sin is doomed to die in sin. Doomed will cause stress, agree?

In Rom. 5 it says that where sin increases, grace increases all the more (vs. 20). In the presence of sin, grace is there. No matter how big sin gets - grace is always bigger. In vs 21 it says that sin reigns in death. Logic would seem to suggest that grace would then reign in life. But that isn't what Paul said. Instead he says, "...grace might reign through righteousness to bring eternal life... ". Grace reigns through a right relationship with Jesus. Jesus brings life.

I know this post is a little long, but hang in there. Whenever you have been in the presence of sin, either as a sinner or as a Christian, God was there ready to forgiven in greater a portion than the act of sin itself. There is nothing that God will not forgive. But grace only works through a relationship with Jesus. Don't get stressed out about another relationship. That's what Satan would have you believe. This relationship isn't doomed! It is graced! Grace is the unmerited favor of God. Even though we don't deserve it, He will not only forgive us of our sins, but He will love us and care for us all the way to eternal life.