Less Stress in 10 Days - Day 7

It's late, as you can tell from the time stamp on this entry. I just read day 7 of 10 days to less stress and I had to count my blessings. Some were obvious, some were painful. I appreciate even the tough things that God gives me to do. Sometimes I look at this stuff and say, "God, what were you thinking?" Then I realize not only the idea is crazy, but the fact he entrusts it to me should have Him certified. Can I get an amen?

Following God is an adventure. It may be tough and sometimes painful - but it is never boring. Don't ever let that happen to you. When your relationship with Jesus is boring, there should be some alarms and bells going off. This is dangerous because there is nothing boring about God. So what about my blessings? Their not boring either. Oh some of them are aggravating, annoying and downright stubborn, but not boring. Thank God - I feel alive! I feel good! That's better than stress anyday of the week.