Less Stress in 10 Days - Day 5

As you can see from the time of my entry that it's late. Tough day today - but it was good. I am tired but I feel alive. That's what has been happening to me day by day as I have chose to quit griping and complaining. I like it - I hope you do too! So after reading todays entry in your handout - what can you do to change your day today?

I was wondering what to write and then something happened that can only be a God thing. Betty sat down in my office and told me something I didn't know. Each night, before Anneka and her go to sleep, they have a ritual that they do. They tell each other 3 things that happened today that they are thankful to God for. Doesn't seem like much, does it? Betty tells me that since they started doing it, both of them have been having a better, more restful sleep. It works on 4 and 44 year olds. Imagine that. So what three things are you thankful for that happened today?