Less Stress in 10 Days - Day 4

So for the next 24 hours your not going to try to complain. Some of you need to quit rolling your eyes up at me like that. Really, the next 24 hours. Listen to yourself. Now I've been doing this myself and I can tell you two things. 1 - I didn't like what I heard. 2 - I complained about how much I was complaining. I know that the last one sounds a little weird, but trust me - it will happen. What has come of all of this? I quit stressing as much as I have been recently. Bottom line is this. The person causing the most stress in my life is - ME!! I have a suspicion that this truth applies to you also.

Don't wait for people to line up with your way of thinking. Don't waste time trying to get others to do what will make you happy. At some point you have to turn this stuff over to God and let Him deal with it. Think about this today - God NEVER stresses! Hmmmm! Interesting!

Those of you who read this blog entry, will enjoy Sunday's video. It will be just for you! Let me know after service if you liked it.


Betty said…
Now that we have quit complaining, We are shocked at how much our 4 year old complains. We never noticed it before??? Where did she learn it???? Hmmmmmm....could it be that she did it all along, but we complained so much, we never heard her!!!