Just a Thought

I am still in Romans 8. What a rich chapter for Christians to read. In verse 15 Paul says, "For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear,..." Here he points out that salvation isn't the same as living as a sinner. This short phrase makes that clear. Fear is no longer your master motivator.

But here is my thought. We spend a great deal of energy and time trying to convince people that Jesus is real and His message is truth. According to Paul, these people are a slave to fear. Shouldn't we work on helping them over come their fears (or perceived fears) about faith, Jesus, the Church and Christians? When I talk to people I can hear their fear in their voice. Most of them are seeking a solution and when one is offered they approach it with suspicion. Some would say that would be a prudent action to take. I would agree as long as it is motived out of wisdom, not fear. There is a fine line between suspicion and paranoia and it is determined by the motivator of the action.

So what do you do for people who are enslaved by fear and will not consider Jesus as a viable option for their lives? Be the example of Jesus and the Church to them. Rest assured that people have a sterotype of what it means to be a Christian. Your going to have to be the anti-type and let them see the "real deal", warts and all. As they experience God through you there is come a point when they will desire to experience God for themselves. So how do you do this?

#1 - Glorify God every chance you get. Don't take credit for anything that God has done, always humble yourself and give credit to God.
#2 - Apologize and explain why. When you make a mistake, and you will, apologize for it and explain why it was the wrong thing to do. Let people know the lesson you have learned.
#3 - Struggles are real and don't try to hide them. Some judgement is of great value here. Being transparent to others is a sign of honesty but to much transparency and do great damage.
#4 - Don't worry but pray. To many Christians worry about their witness. Don't do that. Instead pray about your faith. Worry will get you no where while prayer will change things.