Just Being Transparent

Have you ever heard anyone say, "I just want to be honest here." In the back of your mind your going, "uh,oh". That's because being transparent is a real and honest way is a Christian quality. Once which the world cannot duplicate. Paul, in Romans 7:21-25 is being very transparent with us. If you read it carefully you will hear the pain and anguish of his struggle. He is stressed over the face that there is a war going on between sin and God. His flesh wants to do what is wrong and his heart wants to do what is right in Gods will. It isn't easy, is it folks! Yet, many of us would never admit these kinds of struggles because it presents us a weak and frail.

To admit something like this has to be humiliating for Paul. He indeed was one of the greatest Christians we have ever known and he struggles with this? It is comforting to know that in our struggles we are in good company. However, some still don't get it. Paul never used his struggle to excuse himself from doing what was good and perfect in the eyes of His Father nor did he use it to excuse himself from his calling. Many people use transparency as a tool to manipulate others. If they can invoke feelings of sympathy or compassion they may get what they want from others. This is ugly but it is true.

Paul presented his life openly and honestly so others could deal with these same said issues and win over them. Paul never implied that he was loosing the war, he simply said that he was fighting. The Gospel, as he points out, is the only hope that he has to overcome. Present yourself as honestly as possible. Ask others to help you keep your life framed in reality. Don't allow stress to create things in your mind that are not there. Be humble, not pitiful. Don't walk away after sharing your heart with others "gauging" their reaction. Doing so only feeds your ego not your spirit.