Having Goals

I have been following the Olympics just like everyone else and still I am amazed how the unlikely and improbably rise to the occasion and do the unlikely and improbable. These athletes have one goal in mind. Gold. They see themselves doing what it takes moment by moment so they can stand on the podium and receive the highest honors in the land.

In Rom. 6:15 - 23 Paul reminds us that we will be a slave to sin or righteousness. Sin leads to death but righteousness leads to eternal life. I don't know how many people have told me, "I want to go to heaven!" They work and strive to achieve that goal for themselves but forget the goal. "Hold it? I thought the goal was heaven, pastor?" No, that's the reward! (Matt 5:12) The goal is righteousness.

Just like an olympic athlete see yourself moment by moment, day by day doing the unlikely and improbable. Paul tells us plainly that faith leads to obedience, obedience leads to righteousness, righteousness leads to holiness, holiness leads to eternal life!
So what's your goal today?