Less Stress in 10 Days - Day 8

Resistance is a good thing. There I said it out loud. I have to admit that in a healthy environment, resistance helps to bring the best (or worst) out in people and circumstances. It's under pressure that we discover who we really are. This week I have been meeting some resistance - personal stuff. It isn't the end of the world - normal things that I have to deal with. Deadlines missed and projects pushed back. Minor disagreements with people and stuff like that. But it happens.

My point is simple. If your going to get rid of the bad stress that is dragging your hope down the drain, you are going to meet some resistance. Don't think that for a minute the Devil is going to let go of any hold he has on you easily. Remember that if you submit your life to God you can resist Satan with the authority Jesus has given you and he must flee. I forgot that this week - but I promise you I am not going to forget it this week. So create some friction and do something different from your routine that will make your life more interesting - hopeful and purposeful. It WILL reduce your stress! Don't believe me? Then I double dog dare you to try to prove me wrong.

FYI - This weeks question from this mornings sermon. What do you need to give up to God? I suggest you sit down a make a list. We tend to forget what we give to God - keep you list in your Bible so you will be reminded from time to time what you have to do!