Don't Eat That!

I am a sweet freak. I love anything sweet. I have really cut back on how much I use to eat. Probably need to cut back some more. But it is soooooo gooooood! When I know that there is something in the kitchen I like. I mean I really, really like. Forget the rules! Eat it! Don't let it go to waste! It was made for ME to eat! Key Lime pie with a tall glass of milk? Oooooo!

Paul, in Rom. 7:5, tells us that our sinful nature is aroused by the law. Just like the person who says, "Now Pastor, you know that you shouldn't eat all those sweets." I'm thinking! "Oooo! Thank you for reminding me, I forgot, where's that cheese danish now?" The law offered no strength to keep you from doing what you shouldn't do. All it did was point out what was right and wrong. Therefore, when it did, just like that piece of Mississippi Mud, you had to go have it.

Now can I say no to those sweets Yes I can and have done so very often, thank you very much! People who lived under the law had to have the self will to say NO! Many of them did and obeyed the law with a heart of faith and love for God. That leads me to believe that our self will is probably stronger than we realize. Later Paul show us how the Holy Spirit empowers us to overcome sin, it's temptations and influence. For now we need to stand up and say NO! Decide that life isn't going to run you around in circles anymore - so put down that donut. Krispy Kream you say? Oooo! Maybe just one more! No, no, no, no, no.


Betty said…
Did I tell you I bought an Entemann's Chocolate Fudge Cake???? It's in the fridge! Enjoy!!!