Crunch Time!

There are different definitions for this term and all of them relate to how you got yourself into the situation. Some people wait to the last minute and then it's, "crunch time" to get a project done. Sometimes life comes in larger doses than you can handle and again, "crunch time" is necessary to deal with it. Some times we choose to make the sacrifice and do what it takes to achieve a certain goal.

I never like the first one, I am all to familiar with the second one and I enjoy the last one. This week is crunch time for me. Mostly from some of life's LARGE doses I had to deal with last week and some of them are certain goals that must be achieved.

For Jesus, it seems that the first "crunch time" never happened to Him. That he was never late for an appointment or pressured to finish a project before a deadline. That's because he was always on God's time, never anyone elses. It isn't that the disciples didn't try to put pressure on Him or that Mary and Martha didn't point out that He missed His appointment to heal Lazarus. He simply knew what His Father was doing at all times and He stuck with it. Now don't go to your boss and tell Him, "Boss! I don't have to meet your deadline for this project because God said so!" That might get you in some trouble. But what does God want you to do with your everyday life? Did He want you to run around like everyday is, "crunch time" all the time? Or did He have something else in store for you?