I don't like commercials. Very few of them hold my attention. They are loud and some offensive. They will do anything to get your attention and if it wasn't for the FCC, believe me we would be shocked. In reality the only commercials I know that people want to watch are the ones shown during the Superbowl. So imagine my surprise when I found a commercial in the Bible.

Rom. 6:1 - 14 Paul tells us that if we are dead to sin, then we are alive in Christ. No "dead zones" here people. We have a NEW life! Our ability to sin can die! Death frees us from sin. Sure when we die and go to heaven we are free from sin. But Paul wants us to understand that when we die to sin right NOW we can be alive in God through Jesus right NOW! That they key to NOT sinning is to offer your body as an instrument to God for his purposes and plans. So where's the commercial?

Vs. 14 "For sin shall not be your master, because you are not under law, but under grace." Ok, so it doesn't have the Madison Ave. flair that you are use to - but what Paul is saying here is, "And by the way, the following was made possible by grace - the unmerited favor of God. Grace is so much better than the law - so the next time you go to the synagogue remember, it was Jesus not Moses who gave you the keys to success, freedom from sin and new life. That grace, spelled G R A C E! Your new friend for life, get some the next time you pray!