Denny's in Stuart is closed. I have to say it. Praise God! Not that there weren't some good waiters and waitresses in there. Or that there wasn't some good cooks. There were more bad ones though that went along with more bad food and wrong orders than I could count. I would wait about 6 months and try again. I can't understand how one place could hire so many people with a bad attitude. All you had to do was listen and WOW would you get an earful. How it stayed open this long I have no idea. But when times got tough apparently peoples pallets got an education and started spending their money on better food. When I would meet someone who use to work there I would ask them, "Are you glad that you left there?" The responses I got are a little too colorful for this blog. Negative attitudes are contagious, aren't they? Being in a place where there seems to be an epidemic is torture! Now bow your head and thank God that He doesn't have that kind of attitude about you.