Church or Jesus?

Over the years I have continually been amazed how some Christians approach sin and sinners. Paul, again in Romans 7 shows us something that we need to pay attention to in this regard. He points out that the law is powerless to save but that the Gospel is our only hope.

I have watched many Christians over the years fail to seal the deal on some great personal evangelistic efforts because they will not ask the right question. It isn't that they don't ask a question at the right time - most Christians have pretty good timing when led by the Holy Spirit. It's that they ask the wrong question at the right time. After helping someone discover that Jesus loves them, that He can help their lives, that He does want to forgive them of their sins, that He does care about them. They ask us, what should we do? And we say (drum roll please) "Go to church." Survey says? (Bzzzzz!) Wrong answer.

Now before pick up the phone or write an email to me, read on. How many people has the church saved from their sins? None. The church cannot save people and sinners know it. They will even point that out to us if we don't know it. Jesus saves people from their sins. They don't want to know the church, they want to know Jesus. It's time to change our strategy. Are you currently trying to get someone to go to church? Have you quit trying to invite people to church because all they say is - NO! Then do this.

Be the church to them. The church is the body of Christ after all. Invest your life into them as Jesus would. Let them see and experience the church through you for now. When they ask the key questions, don't say "God to church" - take them to Jesus. Pray with them and love them as Jesus would. Notice that Jesus didn't drag people to the synagogue. He said in John 12:32
But I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to myself."