10 Days to Less Stress - Day 2

I worked for a pastor who gave me 7 days off in 2 and half years. Lived in a neighborhood where the ambulance would not come without a police escort. Totaled 2 cars and had 1 accident. Almost got a divorce. Worked for another pastor, who as it turns out was an alcoholic in the making. I have been through 3 church splits. Had one treasurer steal from the church. Had my life threatened I don't know how many times. I've been electrocuted by lighting via a typewriter. I've been called a racist, a bigot, incompetent, stupid, immoral and a number of other words I would never repeat here. I've been told by people close to me that I am a disappointment, a failure, that I could have done something great with my life and that I should quit the ministry. I have lived in trailers, rv's, cabins, apartments, condos and slept on air mattresses and even couches. Been robbed 3 or 4 times. That's the short list.

If I focused on all of this stuff, I would get depressed. If I lived in fear of any of these things ever happening to me again, I would never leave the house. If I daily lamented even one of these events over and over again, it would be time wasted. Time I could have used to make a difference in someones life. So here are a few things you have to remember everyday. Write them down. Put them on post it notes. Send yourself emails - do whatever you have to do to remember this.

God has got my back. Your forgiveness has washed every sin from your past away from the sight and memory of God. This also means that He is in charge of everyday you have yet to live.

To live tomorrow like it was yesterday only robs you of a blessing today. Lam. 3:22-23 says that his mercies are new everyday. How can you enjoy what God has in store for you if you are living in the past?

With so much dedicated to work against me, God must have something great in store for me. Turn a potential curse into a potential blessing. The devil not only desires to defeat you spiritually - he desires to destroy you totally. Mind, body, soul and spirit. You can turn the tables on him and choose to believe that all things are possible through Christ.