10 Days to Less Stress - Day 1

Have you ever been in the car, with your family, and you're going out to eat. You're not really that hungry for anything so you ask, "Where do you guys want to eat?" You hear, "McDonald's! No, Burger King! How about pizza! Yech! Chick-Fil-A! No!" Then the thought crosses your mind that you should stop the car in the middle of this intersection, get out, walk away and don't look back. So, you make a decision, BBQ! "Oh no! Why here! Oh can't we go someplace else!" Now that you have made a decision, you have rebellion on your hands. Solution? They can eat at another table.

The problem is simple. There was no purpose or reason for eating together as a family. The question was asked in such a way that individuals, not the family would answer it. There was no leadership, therefore, anyone stepped up to the plate and took charge. So when you finally make a decision no one wants to yield their position of new found authority and civil war ensues.

When you know what you are clearly going to do, before you do it. When you know what is acceptable and not acceptable before you make a decision. When you know your purpose and have a reason to live - you don't have to go through life being strapped to a car full of people trying to make up their mind. This relieves a lot - I mean a lot of stress!

Let Christ tell you what you need to know and stick with it! Don't try to be something that He didn't ordain you to be. Let Him define your purpose and existence. He does this in such a way as to give you incredible value to your life and hope for your future.