You Are Worth 6.9 Million Dollars . . .

. . . and you have gone down in price. Approximately $900,000 according to the EPA. Now this doesn't seem like a very important statistic, does it? Who in the world would put a dollar figure on the value of a life. The US Government, that's who. You can read more about it here. But suffice to say, the government weighs how much money it spends to save human lives against the cost of saving them. Bottom line, if it costs more than 6.9 mill - bye, bye! As long as speculators keep driving the price of gas up and the value of the dollar keeps going down - well you are going to keep getting cheaper and cheaper.

This is where you thank God that someone isn't in heaven speculating on the value of your life. That Jesus paid the $6.9 million + (and that plus is BIG) for you. It doesn't matter if your value goes up or down here on earth because your value in heaven will never change - as far as Jesus is concerned - your priceless!