Vacation Day 3 - The End

Well we are home after sleeping in and enjoying a relaxing day. Rode the Jungle Queen, saw a alligator wrangler wrestle a 6 foot gator. The Goodyear blimp flew over us. Saw some of the most expensive real estate you can imagine. Saw yachts so big that when you say, "fill it up" you better have $40,000 handy. Did you know that it is cheaper to ship these yachts around the world than to drive them there? Average cost of shipping your favorite boat to the Mediterranean? $250,000. The best part of the day was when Anneka got in the ocean and she wasn't afraid of it. After splashing her feet in the water a few minutes, she just sat down and had a good time. But we wished we had packed the swimsuit. Oh well. After spending most of the evening fighting Broward traffic jams (I will never gripe about traffic snarls here ever again.) We finally made it home. Whew! I need a vacation!


Betty said…
Vacation was AWESOME! We needed & wanted a few more days. Anneka refused to get out of the ocean because she was not ready to return home. She loved having her mommie & daddy all to herself for several days. She said her vacation was perfect except one thing....her grandma wasn't there with us.