Personal Vision and Mission

Every successful company, church and organization seems to have a mission and vision that means something to them. In very basic terms a mission statement describes what you are doing and a vision statement is a description of on how your going to do it. Having a personal mission and vision statement isn't bad idea either. It doesn't have to be lengthy or complicated. Once you know what God wants you to do - put it down on paper. Mission and Vision statements are useful during the rough times of our life. When we loose a job or find ourselves struggling with life. A review of a Mission and Vision statement will help us remember and refocus our attention on what is really important. For example:

If your mission statement is "To be a Godly (parent) and (spouse)" and you lose your job at Wal-Mart does that change anything? No, not really. While the circumstance may be painful, you can still be a Godly example to your family. If your mission statement is a little more involved such as, "Being the Christian God called me to be while fulfilling His goals in my life through family, career and relationships." Then your future is very focused with the possibility of being very productive.

You might think, this is nice but it doesn't really fit into real life. Doesn't it? Here is a bit of wisdom that is true. "If you aim at nothing, you will hit it." You and I both know people who live life without any real kind of purpose. In their late teens and early 20's they had a mission to have fun and live it up! Now they are in their 30's (and older) and things haven't changed. Except they have been divorced a few times, now they are alcoholics, they can't hold down a job and their future isn't going to change. They hit nothing. More tomorrow.