Healthy vs. Successful

I originally started this entry in order to ask the question, "Would you rather be healthy or successful?" After a few minutes the Holy Spirit brought back to my memory a blog entry from a few weeks ago on Jeff Leake's blog Launchpad. Jeff is a pastor in Penn. whom I went to college with and here part of his entry. You can read the whole entry here.

Quoting Wayne Benson current president of Emerge Ministries, previous pastor of a great church in Grand Rapids, Michigan and former president of Central Bible College.

Here is his definition of success:

"Success = The progressive achievement of God's goals in God's time.

Success is progressive, not instantaneous.
Success is about God's mandates, not about our goals.
Success has to do with timing. Getting from E to F in God's time."

Being a healthy church is success! Whether you have 50 or 5000 people - if you are not healthy, you are in trouble. So, what is a healthy church? More later.