God doesn't like . . .

God doesn't like two things in Zech 13. The first is idolatry. Idolatry is anything that receives what belongs to God. God does ask 5 things of us that we should honor Him with. Our talents, tithe, time, testimony and temple.

Talent - These are ability that are given naturally or supernaturally to be used in service, motivation or leadership.
Tithe - God gives us resources to do His work and will. He desires to keep those resources in circulation.
Time - We are to spend our time, or invest our time into His work and will.
Testimony - We have been sent to this world to tell them about Jesus. They are in great need and we have a great answer.
Temple - Our human body isn't our own to do with as we please. It, as well as our soul, has been redeemed through Jesus sacrifice.

The second is false prophecy. False prophecy is lying in the name of God.

In the Old Testament false prophets would put on false prophets clothes - thus making them a prophet in the eyes of the people - and then say whatever He thought the people wanted to hear - that would make him popular.

Today people still do the same thing. I am not talking about what religion vs. religion. I am talking about Christian vs. Christian. Telling another Christian that something is OK when you know that God doesn't agree with it is false prophecy. Prophecy isn't just foretelling the future (which still happens) but it is forthtelling the heart of God. In other words, what does God have to say in this moment.