The Cost of Jesus

In Zech. 11:12 we see the prophet representing the Messiah and asking to be paid what they think His is worth. The price paid is 30 pieces of silver. Most of this chapter concerns Israel's rejection of the Messiah, thus breaking a covenant that God has established with them if they would accept Him. The ultimate fulfillment of this prophecy happened in 70 AD when the
Romans destroyed Jerusalem. What is remarkable about verse 12 is that they paid Jesus what they thought He was worth. 30 pieces of silver, the price of a slave. (A freedman was worth twice as much.) The question is, what did Jesus want to be paid?

Our love - Jesus wants all of our love. To worship Him with everything that we have, body, soul and spirit. An agape love that will do anything for Him without expecting anything in return. Agape.

A Relationship - Jesus wants to be known and He wants to know us. He desires to pour His best into us at all times. Invest in our lives and enrich it with what He has to offer. If we will let Him. Koinonia.

Our Trust - Jesus wants us to trust Him - unquestionably. Jesus cannot help Himself from doing the best He can for us at all time!. But if we don't trust Him, we cannot accept the best He has for us at all times. Good is always bests eternal enemy.

Our Obedience - Jesus wants us to obey Him, but He wants us to do so with the right attitude. Sometimes my daughter does what I ask her to do, begrudgingly. Therefore, her attitude doesn't allow her to understand the depth of my love for her. We can make the same mistake with God. We will obey but we never learn why. We begrudge our actions towards Him without understanding the depth of His love.