Common vs. Uncommon

It's easy to get caught into the trap of thinking that you are common, average and unimportant in the grand scheme! We may feel like a cog inside a huge machine that doesn't know that we are here. If we break, we will be tossed aside and replaced by another. The world we live would have us to believe this myth. As Christians we have to know better. In Zechariah 14: 20 - 21 we read how everything, even the cooking pots, will be consecrated to Jesus. That nothing will be common, but everything will serve Him.

But we don't have to wait until then to be removed from this world of common and unimportance. When we accept Jesus as our Savior - we are forgiven of our sins. But we also accepted Him as Lord of our lives (It's a package deal people you can't do one without the other.) The Lord of our lives set us apart from this world for His reasons and purposes - to serve Him. We are consecrated, set apart for Him.

The world that we live is dedicated to making you common and average. If we buy into this myth - our capacity to serve Jesus is diminished. There is nothing common about you. When you pray, you speak to the Creator of the Universe. When you serve Him, you make a difference now and for all of eternity. When you believe. The impossible becomes possible. The world you live in cannot do any of this. You can. You are valuable if you will believe.