Christian Rights

There isn't a day that goes by that someone somewhere doesn't complain about something that is wrong. Someone has wronged them in some way. Life isn't being fair. As I listen to them I am just waiting for the line, "Am I right or what?" The right answer here is, "or what?" Christians are called to something higher than a sense of justice. Some want to live their lives based upon what is right or wrong in their given circumstances. Survey says? BZZZZZ! WRONG!

As Christians we are called to live for Christ. Right vs. wrong are included as well as wise vs. unwise, action vs. inaction and, well you get the picture. In Romans 1 Paul hits the ground running. He says that he is a servant of Jesus. That addresses his relationship with Him. He says that he is a apostle for Christ, which addresses the purpose of his life. Then he says that he is set apart for Him. You might have missed this one. Ask yourself the question, Set apart from what? If you said this world - your right. While he addresses his relationship to Jesus he also lets you know that he can't have any kind of relationship with this world.

The world we live in today is wrapped up in it's twisted sense of right and wrong. (They have none, but that's for another blog.) We are set apart from this world. Does that mean that we are above the law? No way. But it does mean that we should be making smarter, wiser and better decisions. Why? Because we give up our right to run our universe and we give control of it to God.

I have a right to be a servant/slave for Jesus.
I have a right to be called to do what He wants me to do.
I have a right to be set apart from this world and to not be corrupted by it.
I have a right to give up my pride and know His grace (favor) in my life.
I have a right to lead others to this same peace, love and joy I know.
I have a right to let Jesus in my life so He can protect me from myself. (i.e. being stupid.)