Battles Come and Go

Life is full of battles. Good ones and bad ones. As I was reading in Zech. 9:14-17 I was reminded for this. Here are a few thoughts about life's battles. #1 - When God shows up you will know it. That isn't to say God isn't here all the time, but when God does something you will know it's God. #2 - You will win. God isn't a loser and God doesn't lose. #3 - God will get the credit for the victory. People will say, "Only God will do this." #4 - It will get better. God doesn't do what He does and then leave a mess behind to clean up.

So why don't we understand this? Because we ask 4 questions that sap our strength, joy and victory. #1 - When is God going to show up? We get discouraged if God doesn't move on our timetable. #2 How long do I have to fight? Again, any perceived suffering that goes on longer than we think is should will sap our faith. #3 What do I get out of it? Old fashion selfishness that desires some credit for ourselves instead of giving it all to God. #4 Just what is "better"? As if our definition of better is better than Gods definition of better.

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KRISTY DYKES - Some of you have heard me speak, pray for and blog about Kristy. She is a pastors wife in Jacksonville who is ill with terminal cancer. She has taken a turn for the worse at this time. Please pray!