Are You Healthy or Successful?

I had started this a few days ago and then got distracted. I want to tie up some loose ends before I start addressing the questions series. So which would you rather be, healthy or successful? Some people say both, others say you have to choose. What do you think?

Well when it comes to Christians, what is healthy and what is successful? The prophets of the Old Testament were successful, yet most of them were murdered by someone who didn't like their sermon, (boy am I glad we don't do that today.) Samson was healthy, but he wasn't successful until he lost his eyesight. King David was healthy and successful. So here we go.

Do you know why you are here? Are you doing what God wants you to be doing right now? Knowing your purpose as a Christian both in general and specific terms is important. Jesus knew that he was sent to the people of Israel who didn't know His Father. That He was here to heal their diseases and give them hope. But specifically He was here to give His life as a sacrifice for our sins.

In 1 Cor 12 it tells us how we are part of the body of Christ. That as a body, no one has the same function, position or job. But that each of us are gifted to do something that when applies to the whole makes us valuable. The Christians whom I know that are most satisfied in their relationship with Jesus have discovered this. They understand what the church as a whole is doing and specfically how they help make that happen.